Cantilever Chair Glides

Wave Chair with Cantilever Glides

狗万官方 's cantilever chair glides are uniquely designed for tubular metal chairs that feature a curved frame with a sled-type base, similar to the picture shown here.


With cantilever chair glides, the heel of the chair serves as a glide by cradling the round bent tubing, while the plastic toe inserts into the cut end of the tube to provide an equally distributed front-to-back cushioning effect.


Wave Chair with Cantilever GlidesMost cantilever chair glides are custom designed by 狗万官方 to application-specific requirements. Most often, the application calls for a replaceable base button that inserts snugly but can be easily removed to provide great versatility for use on all different types of flooring surfaces, similar to the patented Solo Glide.


Cantilever glide bodies and toe inserts are typically constructed from impact resistant nylon that is available in a choice of colors to coordinate with the  color of the seat. The replaceable glide base can be made from a variety of  suitable materials, including steel, nylon, rubber or felt.

Heel Glides

Shown in black and grey, with oval-shaped white nylon replaceable glide base

Black Heel Glide for Cantilever Chair
Grey Heel Glides for Cantilever Chair
Heel Glide and Replaceable Bases for Cantilever Chair

Toe Glides with Replaceable Bases

Shown below in black and grey with two types of  stems with molded slots to accept round or rectangular glide bases.

Toe Glide with Round Replacable Bases for Cantilever Chairs
Toe Glide and Replacable Bases for Cantilever Chairs

Replaceable Bases

狗万官方 offers easy-to-replace base glides that are available in nylon, rubber, steel, felt, and other suitable materials.

Replacable Bases for Cantilever Chairs Glides
Oval Replaceable Bases for Cantilever Chair Glides
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